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The advent of autumn has lead to a surge in COVID-19 cases all over the world and also in Switzerland. Governments are implementing new and stronger measures to curb the numbers and ensure health services can cope with the demand.

It is essential for us, to inform you about the latest measures put in place by the Swiss Government, what we are doing from our end and provide links so you can easily access the most up to date information released by the Swiss Health Authorities.

We want to ensure we are doing the utmost and comply with policies in place and to ensure everyone’s safety.

BAG—Measures as of end of October

Based on BAG (Swiss Public Health Office) recommendations as of October 28. the following measures are in place.

  • Reduce get-togethers with family and friends
  • Keep a physical distance
  • Compulsory mask wearing if physical distancing is not possible
  • Compulsory mask wearing in publicly accessible indoor and outdoor areas and on public transport
  • Home office where possible
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • Do not shake hands
  • Ventilate rooms several times a day
  • Events (public—max 50 people, private—max 10 people, gatherings in public—max 15 people)
  • If you experience symptoms, get tested immediately
  • To enable contact tracing, always provide your complete contact information
  • Download & Install the SwissCovid App to break infection chains
  • If you do test positive—isolate. If you had contact with a confirmed case—quarantine.
  • Only visit your doctor’s office or an emergency department after making an appointment by phone

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What we are doing

To ensure the safety of our customers and employees and also the contacts along the process of delivering our service, below measures we have in place.

  • All our consultants are wearing masks when on the road with customers
  • We ask our customers to also wear masks when meeting our consultants for Home Search trips or other in-person service deliveries
  • We provide masks for our customers and there is also hand disinfectant in all our cars
  • All our employees are working from their home office
  • Home Search tours can be done/organised virtually if you prefer not to or are unable to attend


If you do not feel well and have an appointment for a Home Search trip, please let us know. We can try and organise the viewings via FaceTime or take videos and photos for you. Also, to assure you if one of our consultants should not feel well, we will arrange for a colleague to take over.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on Should you not feel comfortable to go on a Home Search trip at this time, please contact us and we’ll discuss the options available.

Besides that, please follow the guidelines of the BAG (Bundesamt für Gesundheit—Swiss Health Authority), be safe, and stay informed about the situation in Switzerland. Also make sure you check the information on a Canton (state) level. Some Cantons implemented stronger measures than outlined by the BAG.

Below some links to the respective websites. Please note, not all are available in English.

BAG (Swiss Public Health Authority)
Canton Zurich  (German only)
Canton Schwyz (German only)
Canton Zug (German only)
Canton Aargau (German only)

Stay safe and stay well.
Your Anchor Team